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Local Carpet Cleaning Services for Vancouver Homes and Businesses

For many Vancouver, Washington home and business owners, it’s important to keep things clean.

And while most cleaning chores can be taken care of by your average janitorial service, rug and carpet cleaning can be another issue. Carpets require special machines that wash the fibers and simultaneously remove excess moisture.

Not only does Perfect Pacific Janitorial Cleaning offer stellar home and office cleaning services, our company has the right equipment for large and small carpet cleaning jobs.

Our products are non-toxic, so our clients don’t have to worry about lingering chemical odors or health risks for pets or children.

Carpets can accumulate several pounds of dust and debris over the course of a year, even with occasional vacuuming!

Have your carpets professionally cleaned every year to minimize indoor allergens and bacteria.

What’s the Best Way to Clean Carpet?

Our janitorial team takes care to prepare you for the process, answering questions about moving furniture, how long the process takes, and aftercare for your carpet.

When you call us to schedule a carpet cleaning appointment, we ask general questions about square footage, what times work best for you, and provide a cost estimate once we narrow down the details.

Perfect Pacific Janitorial’s extensive experience in carpet cleaning guarantees that your carpets won’t be stretched or damaged during the process. 

Our powerful equipment leaves minimal moisture behind. This ensures that your carpets will be ready to use sooner. And our cleaning products and methods are used in manner that eliminates the risk of mold or mildew developing.

What to Expect from Our Full-Service Cleaning and Carpet Care

  • Flexible scheduling
  • A courtesy reminder call before your appointment
  • Timely arrival
  • Respect for your belongings
  • Careful preparation
  • Non-toxic cleaning solutions
  • Hot-water rise/vacuum method
  • Carpet grooming if needed
  • Aftercare suggestions
  • Air movers to accelerate drying time
  • A thorough final inspection of trouble areas

Customized Carpet Cleaning


The team at Perfect Pacific doesn’t apply the same methods to every project. Why? Because we know that every situation is different!

Low-pile carpeting used for offices requires treatment specific to that type of carpet, and since high-pile tends to hide more debris and is more susceptible to snagging and grooming issues, we tailor our methods accordingly.











Here are some of the carpets we treat:

  • Level loop or Berber – This type stands up well in high-traffic areas
  • Multi-level loops – Offers a more textured look
  • Cut pile – No loops. This creates a dense, soft texture
  • Nylon carpet tiles – Peel-and-press style. Very popular in offices due to its stain resistance
  • Olefin – Mold-resistant. A good choice for basements or indoor/outdoor areas
  • Acrylic – Not very common, but used as a cheaper wool alternative
  • Polyester – Soft but not terribly resilient. Good for low-traffic areas

Call today for thorough and affordable commercial or residential carpet cleaning!

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