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Even though your floor looks old and dirty once its stripped and waxed the floor will look like new.


Get Upholstery Cleaning in Vancouver, WA

You might think your favorite piece of furniture is ruined. Wine stains, pet stains, dirt, and grime can all work their way into the fabric. Some of these even penetrate deeper, into the cushion itself. That beloved couch or chair is a piece of your home. You don’t want to throw it out, and with our excellent janitorial services, you don’t have to. Upholstery cleaning in Vancouver, WA from Perfect Pacific Janitorial Cleaning is the easiest, smartest, and most affordable way to restore your furniture.

The average price of a new couch is $750 dollars.

Our upholstery cleaning costs just a fraction of that. Why buy a new couch when we can restore the one you already love?

What do upholstery cleaning services include?

We use specialized equipment that doesn’t function quite like your regular vacuum. While vacuums suck up dirt, they also push it around. A speck of dirt looks like a jagged boulder at a microscopic level. As that speck gets moved around your upholstery, it rips and tears at fibers. That causes wear and can leave your upholstery threadbare. We clean a little differently.

How do our commercial-grade cleaners work?

  • We soften the fabric and penetrate through it using steam. This part of the process helps loosen dirt, soften it, and make upholstery fabric softer and more malleable. That reduces wear during cleaning and prepares water-soluble stains for the next step.
  • We apply cleaning agents to the fabric. Our cleaning toolbox is massive and includes green cleaners. There are three types of stains: organic, inorganic, and pigment/dye stains. These all require different cleaners to remove, and some need several types. Our experience as upholstery cleaners in Vancouver, WA allows us to properly apply the right stain remover, whether the stain requires a surfactant, phosphate, enzyme, or oxidation based remover to get rid of it.
  • After the cleaning agent has penetrated the stain, we use a commercial-grade vacuum to pull it out. Our equipment provides targeted high-powered suction. It can penetrate deep into furniture, pulling out moisture, dirt, dust, applied stain removers, and the stain along with it. This leaves you with a beautiful, clean, scent-free couch. This is ideal for freshening up your home or revitalizing your place of business.

Contact us for upholstery cleaning today!

Vancouver is an active city. That means dirt, dust, and stains can quickly build up on a couch. Make the smart move—have your couch, chair, and other upholstery professionally cleaned. We guarantee our work and save you time and money. You already own the perfect couch. Call or contact us today to bring it back to life!

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